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Dr Ledger provides assessments and management plans for cats and dogs experiencing a variety of behavioural and emotional issues.

Your veterinarian may have recommended Dr. Ledger's services if they feel your pet could benefit from science-based behavioural counselling.

If you are seeking assistance and your veterinarian hasn't already submitted a request, please have them fill out a behaviour request form here.

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Dr. Rebecca Ledger is regularly retained by pet owners, municipalities, animal protection agencies, legal counsel and others, to provide expert opinions in legal cases involving animals. Dr. Ledger:

  • Has been retained globally in over 200 legal cases concerning various animal species.

  • Has testified on animal cruelty and suffering in Courts across Canada

  • Has testified in dangerous dog cases, when retained by Municipalities and dog owners

  • Provides science-based opinions in legal cases involving animal cruelty, dog aggression, and animal behaviour.

  • Pioneered the use of the Five Domains Model to assess animal suffering in cruelty cases.

  • Has helped establish important case law in Canada regarding animals.


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Animal behaviour and animal welfare keynote speaker opportunities.


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